Broker Pro Bundle
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Due to the extreme high value of this package the following terms of purchase must be understood.

Unlike our other products, this package was negotiated with third parties and does not qualify for our standard 30 day money back guarantee.

However, we've provided a lot of value into this package to make up for the lack of a money back guarantee.

So please read this carefully to avoid any misunderstandings.

 Here are the terms of this purchase. If you don't agree with the terms, then you shouldn't purchase this package.

Be sure to watch video 1  and video 2 so you can see exactly what you are purchasing.

Once you purchase this special bundle, there are no refunds or trial periods.


                                  SPECIAL WEB HOSTING PROVISIONS!

1.This package is exclusive and cannot be separated .

2. No Credits can be issued for any portion of this package that you do not use.

3. If you don't want the web site package you simply don't activate it.  
4. No Credits will be issued for any portion of this package.

5. Web Hosting includes all the training content at no charge as long as your web site is hosted at Topgunwebhosting and is in good standing.
**Access to all the training will be voided if any of the following occur.
 1. Hosting account is transferred to a different hosting account.
  2. Hosting account is suspended for non payment.

Otherwise, as long as your hosting account is current you
will have FREE access to :

Topgunworkshops Members Site.
Topgunwebhosting Web School Training Site


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